199 South street, Beaconsfield WA
July 2022

” One of my most fun paintings to date. The happiest doggos in the world, Bobby and Boncie, emblazoning the main wall at the @twodogslaughingperth venue in Beaconsfield.

The aim of this piece was to bring a welcoming, energetic and fun atmosphere to the space – “good vibes” in a statement piece. I wanted to capture the character and spirit of not only the cafe’s wholesome hospitality, passionate staff and upbeat branding, but also that of the infamous “two dogs” themselves.

I giggled to myself way too much during the painting of this. The smiles and reactions from everyone that view it for the first time have been ongoingly priceless. 

5 days of painting, 2-3 days of prep, and a lot of doggo pats.
Thank you so much to Libby and Sammy and all the team for the opportunity to create such a beaming and alive piece for your place. “